Oswego Dragon Festival


Frequently Asked Questions:


How many people do I need for a team?

You will need 20 paddlers (8 must be female to be title eligible) and 1 drummer


How do I register?

Email to Oswegdragon@oswegoymca.org. 


 When is the balance due?

July 1, 2015


How can I pay for registration?

You can pay by check, visa/mastercard or cash at the Oswego Y.


How many boats will be in the festival?

There will be 32 boats total. 10 Corporate (business/organization), 16 Community (not for profit, family, friends, non business based) and 6 Student (high school or college enrolled students- entire boat must be students).


This is a fundraiser, can I raise more than what registration asks?

Absolutely! Each team will be set up with an Active Giving account on active.com once their initial registration is submitted. You can raise the remainder of your fee this way or submit payment by the deadline. Team Captain's will be responsible for ensuring thier teammates have their Active Giving information. Your team will be able to use Active Giving to raise money via their secure website with links to your email, Facebook and Twitter. 


Where does the money raised go?

Money raised supports the Oswego Y Strong Kids Campaign. Each year the Y raises money to provide kids, teens, families and seniors access to Y programs and membership. Fundraising each year helps children and families, in the Oswego community,  learn, grow and thrive through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all! 


Will there be incentives?

Yes! There will be incentives for teams and individuals that raise the most money for the Strong Kids Campaign.


Do we have to provide our own tent?

Yes, each team will need to provide their own 10 ' x10' team tent. Team Captains will chose their tent site at the team captains meeting in August. Tent pick will be based on the date the registration fee is paid in full. Teams can continue fundraising until noon on the day of the event. 


How long is the course?  

It is a 200m course


How many times will we race?  

Each team will be guarenteed to race twice.times during the event. First race is by random selection and second is by division. The top 12 boats will race a third time, with the top three racing for the championship.  


What kind of equipment do I need to have?

Nothing! We will provide the boat, paddles, a steering person and life vests.


What time is our team practice?

Your team captain submitted your team's preferences of practice time. We will assign your team practice time in August, once your registration is paid in full.  We will notify captains by email and at the Captian's meeting.


What other things are going on during the festival?   

We are planning  to have live music, food,Dragon Marketplace,  Dragonland for kids, raffles and more during the festival that day.


I'm interested in Sponsoring the event, who do I contact? 

Please contact the Oswego YMCA for Sponsorship opportunities. 315.342.6082 or e-mail oswegodragon@oswegoymca.org



I'd like to be a vendor, who should I talk to? 

please e-mail oswegodragon@oswegoymca.org. 


I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Please call the Oswego YMCA, 315.342.6082 or email the festival: oswegodragon@oswegoymca.org for more details. 


What is the Oswego Dragon Boat Festival?



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